We develop unique hair products and skin products, and we set the industry standard in development of professional hair care and ethnic products.

Purolea’s development services lead the personal care industry. We create cutting-edge products to support your marketing plans and product launches. Unlike with other developers, our customers can own the formulas they manufacture with us.


Many of our customers depend on on a steady flow of new, exciting products to maintain customer demand. We understand that what our customers need is not more “me too” products, but truly original products, as well as the market and technology knowledge that helps them choose the direction for their company.


Our R&D staff has vast experience and success with all types of products, including professional hair care products ranging from styling aids through shampoos, ethnic products from relaxers to hair lotions, and every other type of personal care product. Our goal and our promise is to create stunningly creative and effective products of every type and variety.


Purolea develops products both to meet a specific idea or new concept, and to meet a customer’s demand for the use of specific ingredients. We can also match the characteristics & performance of a product you have selected, or improve upon our customer’s already owned formula.


In developing a formula, we benchmark existing formulas and competing products, and we formulate with the customer’s target price point in mind. The formulation process begins with a dialogue regarding the desired product attributes until the customer’s needs are fully understood. Our R&D staff evaluates what ingredients are desirable or undesirable to the customers; what countries the product will be sold in, and any certifications clients wish to gain, such as NPA approval. Finally, the formulation process involves direct access to our R&D staff for continuous consultation.


Our R&D interfaces constantly with our production team. One example is the pilot process–any new product brought from R&D to manufacturing is carefully produced first in pilot tanks that exactly duplicate larger tanks, a 1/10th scale. This enables us to iron out the process before going to full production, ensuring perfection in the finished product.


We assist our customers in testing products. For example, we provide documented stability testing of all product elements.