Most neutraceutical and personal care products don’t always come to their final production stage without having some butter and waxy contents incorporated. This can be time-consuming and quite a hassle for some personal care brands. Even those who find it easy to source and use butter and wax for their products are not left out of what Kosmepak has in stock. Kosmepak stands out as a leading personal care contract manufacturing brand that assists companies with sourcing and manufacturing high-quality butter and wax ingredients for new and existing products.

Our professional chemists and expert engineers understand the underlying duties of a cosmetics contract manufacturing company. We work hand-in-glove with each of our clients to manufacture custom butter, wax, and wax-like products that aid in their manufacturing processes. We have state-of-the-art equipment, and well-equipped wax lab where all production processes are carried out hygienically. Our versatility makes us open to your requirements and needs for any wax-like product.

We believe in creating long-term relationship with our clients while offering them the best of bespoke wax production services. Little wonder we go far and above to ensure we meet the needs of our clients, even if it entails visiting their business site in very rare cases. We analyze their needs and take note of the requirements and work in line with their custom needs, adjusting various butter and wax properties to manufacture what they want exactly.

At Kosmepak, we are committed to recreating the wax production and supply experience of our clients. We realize the need to incorporate various features including shatter resistance, proper packaging, hardness and more to ensure that the delivery you get is what we sent. Once we get your job going, we take note of your custom formulation and work in line with it each time until you require a change.  Despite the volume of wax production your personal care company requires, we’re up to the task and can produce and deliver promptly. Contact us now!